Market Value Pricing for all used Vehicles is not a gimmick or a sales technique. It is a concerted effort from the team here at Nanaimo Honda to get you the vehicle you want at a price we have extensively researched and are confident is the best possible. All used vehicles are Market Value Priced to bring you an uncompromising vehicle at a highly competitive price.

We take local market research and sales data from hundreds of automotive websites to bring you the lowest possible price in your area. Add to that a commitment to no hidden fees and a customer-first sales environment, and you’ve got a Honda dealership that you can trust to get you a fair price and a quality used vehicle.

Of course, the largest benefit to our Market Value Pricing is that you no longer have to do it yourself. No haggling, no shopping around, you know that you have the best price on a Honda right here on the lot.

Here are the steps we go through in our Market Value Pricing research:

  1. All of our used vehicles we have researched and shopped around for them. We checked and double-check the selling price of the other vehicles available for sale to make sure our is positioned with the best value.
  2. We then take a look at our prices as compared to our findings. If what we find ours brings more value, we give ourselves a small high five and keep going.
  3. If it’s lower value then others, we adjust our prices to establish a fair, upfront price for you.

Why trust the team here at Nanaimo Honda? Well, the first reason is that the beauty of Market Value Pricing is that it is incredibly easy to fact check. If you find a vehicle with better value than what we are providing we want you to show us and let us adjust accordingly. It’s also worth mentioning that we look far and wide for vehicle prices, up to 500-1000kms. We are dedicated to bringing you the best price that you could conceivably drive to yourself.

With a commitment to bringing you exceptional vehicles at exceptional prices, a world-class team of experts and enthusiasts in our Parts and Service Departments, and a financing team who are standing by to find you the best rate possible, we have the tools to get you back onto the road again faster and for less!

So, when you are ready, come and see us at Nanaimo Honda at 2535 Bowen Rd, in Nanaimo or, as always, you can give us a call at (250) 758-3361 to book your appointment today!